✓ Rifle Airpark is a master-planned commercial business park located adjacent to the Garfield County Regional Airport (KRIL) and located in Rifle, CO.
✓ Rifle Airpark is 604 acres in size and has been Master Planned to accomodate up to 5,000,000 square feet of commercial, retail and industrial uses organized into six phases.
✓ Rifle Airpark has completed a number of entitlement milestones in cooperation with the City of Rifle including:

  • Establishment of a Master Plan within the City of Rifle approved by the City Council
  • Annexation of the Master Plan area into the City of Rifle
  • Approval of Preliminary Plats for Tracts of property within Rifle Airpark
  • Phases 1 through 4 are in the process of seeking final plat approvals from the City of Rifle.

✓ Rifle Airpark will sell or enter into joint-ventures on improved Tracts with in the Master Plan.
✓ Rifle Airpark is a development managed by Aspen-based Airport Land Partners. You may find additional information about ALP here.
✓ ALP, and its successors, have maintained consistent progress in attracting and supporting new users within Rife Airpark through a variety of innovative Public-Private Partnerships. In fact, with the support of the City of Rifle, 3P initiatives form the foundation for ensuring business' success in locating within Rifle Airpark.

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